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mobile app development

Cross-platform Development 

We know what it takes to build high quality apps that run smooth, fast and deliver a brilliant, consistent brand experience at every touch point. That’s why we follow best coding practices to build cross-platform applications that excel: automated build and deployment, code review and unit testing.

latest technologies

We focus on using latest technologies such as React-native and Ionic to ensure your apps barebones consistently being improved.

management systems

We aren’t here to waste your time. We want you to be able to easily access and change data on your app so whenever possible we build a web application for you to manage your app. This ensures you can instantly make changes and update it as you need.

built to be built on

We have no business setting your limits which is why we keep in mind the initial product we build for you will most likely have work done on top of it to improve its’ success. We work hard to make sure you will never have to start from scratch again.

UI / UX Prototyping

Our design process is customized, following an agile and iterative approach combined with years of experience at the highest levels in the creative industry. We have used platforms such as Adobe XD and activities like risk matrices, demographics, journey mapping, sitemaps and user-story mapping. Our software engineering team plays a part to ensure our designs are technically feasible within the constraints of the project.

click-through prototypes

Define, Design, Refine, Build is what we go by. Building a prototype ensures your customers will easily flow through the app and let you know what features are redundant or what is missing.

style guides

Consistency is key. We want your app to be recognizable no matter what screen you are on.

COmplete Website Packages


Create your project scope and explore extra features your product can benefit from.


Design a prototype so you can walk through the app to find missing / unnecessary features.


Based on prototype feedback, re evaluate your idea and begin planning the course for development.


Time for fun. Let our team take over and create your product.

Mobile App

The Salty Soldier

A native built iOS and Android app for a community of over half a million people. This mobile app used latest technologies to create a fun, engaging social network for the Salty Soldier community

Mobile App 

Macro Missionary

An In-house mobile app built for clients to track their day by day progress, monitor calorie intake, plan workouts and effectively communicate with coaches.

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