Hiring a developer can be one of the most painful jobs to do when you are taking in factors such as experience, communication level, pricing and timeline for completion. There are plenty of pros and cons to your options such as a freelancer, small agency or a big business. The sweet spot has always fell upon small agencies because pricing stays reasonable, you have on time delivery, and there is a well organzied team involved. With a Freelancer, you only have one person to go to and they often cannot be an expert in all areas of development which means you are getting an average result somewhere during the process. When it comes to a big business building your app, you will have a well organized team, ontime completions and great communication but prices will skyrocket when a team is over 5-7 people which means unless you have secured funding, it may not be the most financially feasible option.

At Wilson Develops, we pride ourselves on having experts in each area such as the UX/UI, development, backend database/server work etc. Depending on the project, you have a team that are experts in their specific area which ensures you are getting the best possible product we can deliver.

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Since the updates to our site have been implemented, we have received more orders and more traffic. All of the feedback from our customers has been positive,” shared one client. “We researched multiple firms, but we felt comfortable with Wilson Develops after meeting the owner. We were impressed with the other sites he had created, and his passion and knowledge were evident … The owner at Wilson Develops explained the process at every step. He was readily accessible and willing to answer every question we had. We felt as though our ideas were heard and considered, but we were also challenged with new options