Automation is your best friend when it comes to your business, especially for startups. When you’re on your own, you only have so much time in your day. What if you had tools that could handle hours of work you normally do in a matter of minutes? You finally got yourself some more time in your day!

We all know marketing is a numbers game. With automating various tools you can increase the productivity of your campaigns and ensure you’re using everything you possibly can to grow in every area.

Some of the tools our team at Wilson Develops has built given business owners up to an extra 80 hours A MONTH for them to focus on other important parts of their business. It’s almost the same as hiring an employee except there are no healthcare or dental costs, it doesn’t call in sick and it never has issues coming to work. How solid of an employee do you need?

Our in-house team focuses on custom software builds automating things like analyzing excel sheets, merging data, exporting results (mainly for marketing agencies) but we never say no to your idea!